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Mask Story

My name is Holden Williams, and though during this pandemic there have been many hardships, but, for me wearing a mask has not been one of them. Though I have heard many complaints from people but I have not felt that way. One of the larger complaints I’ve heard is that it will cut off oxygen. For me this is not a problem, but for some, especially elderly, this could be a problem. Another complaint is that they are uncomfortable, while true, this should not stop you from keeping yourself and others safe. Finally, the biggest complaint is it is impeaching on legal rights. I do not agree with this because the government telling you to wear a mask is not taking your rights away, but helping you stay safe. I like to think of it like this: wearing a seatbelt may get uncomfortable, but overall it keeps you safe, the same as wearing a mask. The facts are, most masks will not keep you from being infected, but they will stop others from getting it passed to them by you, so this contradicts the popular saying “if I get it I get it”, because it is going to give it to those around you. In all, I believe that everyone who can should wear a mask to help those around them.

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