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PCCU Online Workshop (Biennial)

One-day Workshop on Cross-Cultural Comparison Between The U.S. and South Korea

This workshop is open to K-12 educators and will feature presentations on cross-cultural comparisons between the U.S. and South Korea as well an introduction to Korean culture and society through the lens of the cross-cultural perspective.

During this workshop, excellent cross-cultural experts will share their knowledge about cross-cultural issues and their experiences. K-12 teachers in the U.S. and South Korea will share their hands-on experiences in school openings under COVID-19 and their best practices in the global pandemic.

A session for strategies of teaching cross-cultural understanding in the classroom will be followed.

PCCU Online Workshop: Service
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2022 Online Cross-Cultural Workshop: Food Through History and Culture

October 15, 2022

PCCU 2021 Online workshop cover (no link).png

2021 Online Cross-Cultural Workshop: Streotypes and Biases

October 16, 2021


2020 Online Cross-Cultural Workshop: Culture, Society, and COVID-19  

October 31, 2020

PCCU Online Workshop: News
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