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Cross-Cultural Contest

The contest has a different topic every year. Everyone has different experiences and perspectives on a cross-cultural topic, and the contest is where everyone gets to share theirs in a format of their preference. Participants are welcome to share their photos, essays, and videos as long as they well-represent their thoughts. We look forward to looking at your submission. Winners' work will be published on our website.

Cross-Cultural Contest: Service

2024 Family Contest


Family is important and affects the way we think and interact. Here's your chance to share what "family" means to you in your own way. 

2023 Arts Contest

Art Class

Arts is a way to express one's mind, emotions, and life. There are no limits nor restrictions in arts - Be creative, be an artist!

2022 Food Contest

Image by Niclas Illg

Are you hungry? Food is all about our culture and identity. We eat, cook, and share food every day. Food not only fills our belly but also our souls.

2021 Travel Contest

Image by Annie Spratt

When traveling is restricted due to the pandemic around the world, what does travel mean to us? 

2020 Mask Contest

Image by Tai's Captures

One of the biggest differences from country to country and culture to culture has been individuals’ initiatives to wear


Cross-Cultural Contest: Programs
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