Online Cross-Cultural Mentor and Mentee Program

The Online Cross-Cultural Mentor-Mentee Program pairs American K-12 teacher mentors with college students, who have come from Asia, for the purpose of introducing the students to American norms and culture. Students will also share their norms and cultures with the teachers. This will help students to adjust to school smoothly and help teachers become aware of Asian cultures to better understand Asian K-12 students in their classrooms and other Asian people in America. The discussion topics per session will be provided by PCCU and the results of the program will be evaluated. Eight one-hour sessions per 5 months will be conducted, including a training/orientation session for the participants.

I. Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Cross-Cultural Online Mentor and Mentee Program,

 Mentee must:

  • Be a currently enrolled and continuing undergraduate/graduate student at any post-secondary institution in the United States

  • Be an Asian international student from an Asian country

  • Have the willingness to enhance their understanding of American culture and society

 Mentor must:

  • Be a full or part-time teacher, librarian, or administrator at a K-12 school in the United States

  • Have the willingness to enhance their understanding of Asian culture and society

II. Requirements for Both Mentor and Mentee

  • Make a five-month commitment per term (Fall term: August to December, Spring term: February to June)

  • Attend appropriate training/orientation session

  • Complete an hour-long meeting with your partner per session

  • Complete mentor and mentee-assigned tasks in a timely manner

  • Complete program activities as scheduled

  • Complete of program pre- and post-evaluations

  • Commit to this program with responsibility and sincerity

  • Have an open mind to different cultures and people

  • Sign liability form

  • Sign the standard agreement form

III. How to Apply

IV. Deadline:  Monday, July 20, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.

  • Early application submission is encouraged. 

  • For the fall 2020 term, there are available spots for up to 20 pairs.




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