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Online Cross-Cultural Mentor and Mentee Program

Now accepting applications, start mentoring today!

The Online Cross-Cultural Mentor-Mentee Program pairs American K-12 teacher mentors with college students, who have come from Asia, for the purpose of introducing the students to American norms and culture. Students will also share their norms and cultures with the teachers. This will help students to adjust to school smoothly and help teachers become aware of Asian cultures to better understand Asian K-12 students in their classrooms and other Asian people in America. The discussion topics per session will be provided by PCCU and the results of the program will be evaluated. Ten one-hour sessions per 8 months will be conducted, including a training/orientation session for the participants.​

This program will commence in March and conclude in October, with 10 one-hour sessions extended over 8 months to offer greater flexibility for both mentors and mentees. We will pair a mentor and a mentee. You'll receive more detailed information once your mentor/mentee is assigned.

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