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2020 My Mask Story

Do you wear a mask? yes. Can wearing a mask keep you safe. Yes. Why do you wear a mask? I believe that by wearing a mask I am helping others stay safe. My intentions are to stay at least 6 ft. away to keep myself safe from the virus that’s been going around. I intend to be clean and organized wherever I am at. Whether it's at my school or at my local grocery store. I believe that when I protect myself I am doing something to save a life or 2. Wearing a mask is a little weird considering how inconsiderate others can be towards their health. Now more than ever we should be cautious and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes I may take some extra precautions just in case. I may see someone coughing and overreact a little but wearing a mask may not always be enough. Wearing a mask helps keep this virus from spreading and that’s the point of wearing a mask for me. To stay safe and be careful. This is my...

My mask story!

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