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My Mask Story

The world as of now has been flipped upside down and society has been going crazy. Society norms are now judged and looked down upon, Such as going out and socializing with other people or getting close to other people. I think the biggest shock to people was how fast it happened.   One minute everything is normal and people are making fun of Covid-19, the next minute we're all quarantined. There have been a lot of negative and positive things that I have heard others say. In the next few paragraphs, I will tell you about my experience.

          The first thing I am going to talk about is my school experience. There are only three schools in my area that go Monday through Friday. Other schools go every other day, they group students by the last name. In my school, you are required to wear masks everywhere unless you are sitting in your assigned seat. I have to wear my mask extra because my teacher is at high risk. That means we have to wear the mask in the hallways, library, bathrooms, and occasionally the classroom. We also don't switch classrooms like we usually do without Covid-19. The teachers switch classrooms and come to us. It is a bit of a struggle since the teachers are not used to this kind of routine. They forget when to switch and when to take us to the bathroom a lot. The bathroom normally takes a long time, only one person is allowed to use it at a time. When they come out to wash their hands another person goes in to use it. In the hallways, we have to stay at least three feet away from the person in front of us. Lastly, When we have a gym we have to wear a mask at all times. This is by far the hardest for me, it is incredibly hard to breathe in a mask while running and doing exercises. Overall school is manageable and I think most people agree with me.

          My next point is about going out in public. I don't go out in public often but when I do it is most likely short and quick. One of the times it is not quick is when I go to church. I go to church on Wednesday and it lasts about an hour and thirty minutes.  The first day I didn't have to wear a mask but ever since then they require you to wear a mask. Another time I went out was when I had to get my shots. That was the first time I had to wear a mask. Before then I had stayed just inside and avoided wearing a mask at all times. After I had worn it for a while it wasn't so bad. That was my experience with wearing a mask in public situations.

          That was a summary of my overall experience with masks. While masks are annoying I understand the purpose of them. Some People hate masks and I am just not one of them. I feel like people always say how much they hate the masks. For me, the only thing that they accomplish is discouraging others to wear one. That is my experience with wearing masks.

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