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Wild Path

Susan De Roy

We have Asian students at both the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) and Creighton University.  UNO has a large Japanese program along with Chinese and other Asian cultures and Creighton also gets a number of Chinese and Asia groups.  Another Asian connection at Creighton is the Asian students that come from Hawaii.  My husband is bi-racial and half Japanese from Hawaii and Japanese culture is alive and will in Hawaii.  Big influence on food and culture blended with Aloha spirit of the Polynesian population and other cultural groups.  I look forward to other newsletters and information.  I shared the artifact box you sent us from the workshop with a local Korean business man. He was pleased that such a workshop was offered and we ended up having a very interesting conversation about our childhoods and building kites with our fathers.  He had a wall ornament in his store that was a Korean kite so I saw for the first time  how different their design is.  The workshop is still impacting my interactions and discussions with people about Korean culture.  Thank you again.
Susan De Roy
Omaha, Nebraska

Susan De Roy: Meet the Team
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