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Workshop Sample: Logic Model

The target audience for this customized workshop is university-based international students, faculty/staff, and community members.

In Table 1, the CCU workshop will include the following three activity components; 1) panel discussions with community members, students, and experts in cross-cultural issues creating educational experiences for the community, 2) small group discussions sharing cross-cultural experiences to promote compassion for the complex situation to adapt to a new culture, and 3) creating a network with with community members and experts.

Eventually, the program will enable the participants to experience smooth transition to the new culture, school, and society. The next step is to develop performance measurements for each activity described on the logic model. Questions and indicators are selected that can measure progress toward outcomes. The goals, activities, questions, and indicators of the workshop are designed to link to each other.

Workshop Sample: Logic Model: Text
Workshop Sample: Logic Model: Image
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