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Pathways to Cross-Cultural Understanding is an international, nonprofit 501(c)(3), educational and cultural organization dedicated to helping individuals and groups from Asia adjust to learning, living, and working in North America. Through sharing experiences and resources to promote cross-cultural understanding, we also hope to advance North Americans’ awareness of Asian cultures.

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Statement on Anti-Asian Racism

Pathways to Cross-Cultural Understanding (PCCU) stands firmly with the Asian and Asian-American community against anti-Asian racism in the United States.


We empathize with the plight that these Asian and Asian-American communities are experiencing a series of racist attacks, in which anti-Asian racism compounded with hatred and prejudice.

We proclaim our core values. We are committed to embrace and respect all differences and uniqueness regardless of gender, sexuality, language, race, abilities, appearances, or one’s origin.

We strive to foster an inclusive environment respecting all people and cultures and treating them with dignity. We uphold the spirit of equity and fairness for people of multicultural backgrounds.

We protest violence against Asian and Asian-American communities, and we hold our ground in our opposition to anti-Asian racism.

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The goals of our organization are to promote compassion for the complexity of adapting to a new culture, to develop a database that allows individuals to share personal experiences in a new country, to create a network of advocates that can connect with individuals and assist in educating organizations, and to educate communities through cultural outreach programs



    Spring 2022
    The Online Cross-Cultural Mentor-Mentee Program pairs American K-12 teacher mentors and retired teachers with Asian college students who came from Asia to introduce students to American norms and culture. Application Due: February 10, 2022
    WHAT DOES TRAVEL MEAN TO US? Cross-Cultural Contest: COVID 19 and Travel

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"I would love PCCU to dive into the experiences of Asian-American students versus Asian (international) students. I think there are very interesting intersections and differences from which we could learn. There are aspects of the "Model Minority" myth and the "Asian threat" that hinder both groups' full access and sense of belonging within U.S. schools."

2021 Online Cross-Cultural Workshop

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Join us celebrating the Cross-Culture Awareness Month of November!

Pathways to Cross-Cultural Understanding (PCCU) was able to successfully promote cross-cultural understanding because of everyone's participation and contribution over the last few years. There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort. By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of our Non-Profit Organization and help to strengthen our operations. 

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The PCCU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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"Strength lies in our differences, differences are the source of our cultures."